Create an Interaction Plot

Stat > ANOVA > Interaction Plot

Complete the following steps to specify which columns of data to graph.

  1. In Responses, enter the column that contains the numeric data.
  2. In Factors, enter the columns that contain the group classifications.
  3. (Optional) Select Display full interaction plot matrix to display the full interaction matrix when you have two or more factors. By default, Minitab displays one plot for the interaction between each pair of factors. In the full matrix, Minitab displays the transpose of each plot so that you can see each factor displayed on the x-axis and on the plot. If the two factors interact, you should see the interaction in either plot. However, sometimes you can identify interactions more easily when you examine both plots.
In this worksheet, Corrections is the response and contains the observed number of steering corrections for each driver. Experience and Road type are the categorical factors and may explain differences in the number of steering corrections.
C1 C2 C3
Corrections Experience Road type
4 High Paved
18 Low Gravel
8 High Dirt
10 Low Paved