Overview for Interaction Plot

Use Interaction Plot to show how the relationship between one categorical factor and a continuous response depends on the value of the second categorical factor. This plot displays means for the levels of one factor on the x-axis and a separate line for each level of another factor.

For example, researchers at the department of highway safety want to understand the relationship between driver experience and road type on the number of steering corrections. The researchers create an interaction plot to display the effect of the factors on each other and on the response. They also perform Fit General Linear Model to determine whether the interaction is significant.

Where to find this analysis

To create an interaction plot, choose Stat > ANOVA > Interaction Plot.

When to use an alternate plot

This plot displays data means. After you fit a general linear model, you can use factorial plots to create main effects plots and interaction plots that have fitted means instead of data means.

For more information about the types of means, go to Data and fitted means.