Eigen analysis for General MANOVA

The eigen analysis is of E-1 H. E is the SSCP Matrix for Error. H is the SSCP Matrix for the response variable. These eigenvalues are used to calculate the MANOVA tests.

For more information about how Minitab calculates each test statistic, go to Methods and formulas for MANOVA tests.


Use the eigen analysis to assess how the response means differ between the levels of the different model terms. You should focus on the eigenvectors that correspond to high eigenvalues. To display the eigen analysis, go to Stat > ANOVA > General MANOVA > Results and select Eigen analysis under Display of Results.

In these results, the first eigenvalue for method (0.5848) is greater than the second eigenvalue (0.00000). Therefore, you should put higher importance on the first eigenvector. The first eigenvector for method is 0.144062, -0.003968. The highest absolute value within this vector is for the usability rating. This suggests that the means for usability have the largest difference between the factor levels for method. This information is helpful for assessing the means table.

EIGEN Analysis for Method

Usability Rating0.144062-0.07870
Quality Rating-0.0039680.13976