Data considerations for Calculate Gap Pools

To ensure that your results are valid, consider the following guidelines when you collect data, perform the analysis, and interpret your results.

When you calculate gap pools, you enter information about the elements that make up the assembly, and how they come together to establish the gap. For comparison, you can include your initial guesses at tolerance limits for the individual elements.

You can use Create Template to create a worksheet for entering the data.

You must have means for each element. All values must be positive.
Directional vectors
You must have directional vectors for each element in the assembly. For elements that add to the gap width, enter a 1. For elements that subtract from the gap width, enter a −1.
Standard deviations
The standard deviations of each element in the assembly. All values must be greater than or equal to 0. The sum of the variances (standard deviation squared) must be greater than 0.

If you have missing standard deviation values, you can specify how to estimate the missing values.