Specify a Johnson transformation for Individual Distribution Identification

Stat > Quality Tools > Individual Distribution Identification > Johnson
Transform your data to fit a normal distribution by applying the Johnson transformation, and indicate whether you want to store the transformed data in the worksheet. Use the Johnson transformation if your nonnormal data contain negative values (or 0) or if the Box-Cox transformation is not effective. The Johnson transformation function is more complicated than Box-Cox, but is very powerful for finding an appropriate transformation.

Minitab performs the Johnson transformation when you select Use all distributions and transformations on the main dialog box.

Johnson Transformation
P-Value to select best fit

Enter a value between 0 and 1. The value that you enter defines the significance level for a normality test of the data before and after the transformation. A higher value makes the criteria for normality more rigorous. A lower value makes the criteria for normality less stringent.

Store transformed data in
Single column
Enter a single column of the worksheet to store the transformed values in.
Subgroups across rows of
If you have subgroups arranged in rows across several columns, enter the columns in the worksheet to store the transformed values in.