What is an attribute gage study?

An attribute gage study is a study that examines the bias and repeatability of an attribute measurement system.

For example, you may have an automatic inspection gage that is performing a 100% end of line inspection. It is important that this gage is accurate and repeatable. To investigate, select 8 parts that are representative of the normal operating range. Each part in the study has a corresponding reference value. Measure each part on the gage 20 times and record the number of accepts or rejects to assess bias and repeatability.

There are strict requirements for the parts you select to do this study. Refer to the Measurement Systems Analysis Reference Manual 1 for more details.

Attribute Gage Study (Analytic Method) is different from Attribute Agreement Analysis, which is a method to examine agreement between appraisers.

1 Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) (2010). Measurement Systems Analysis Reference Manual, 4th edition. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors Supplier Quality Requirements Task Force