Overview for Gage Run Chart

Use Gage Run Chart to assess differences in measurements between different operators and different parts. Using a gage run chart, you can do the following:
  • Plot the data from a crossed gage R&R study to see how measurements vary between operators and parts.
  • Identify sources of variation in your measurement system.
  • Examine operator consistency in measurements over time. For instance, a gage run chart might show that an operator measured the parts higher in the second replicate.

For example, an engineer selects 10 parts that represent the expected range of the process variation. For the study, 3 operators measure the 10 parts, 3 times per part, in random order. The engineer creates a gage run chart to assess the differences in measurements between different operators and parts.

Where to find this analysis

To create a gage run chart, choose Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study > Gage Run Chart.

When to use an alternate analysis

For more information on crossed and nested factors, go to What are crossed and nested factors?.