Specify the results to display for Expanded Gage R&R Study

Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study > Gage R&R Study (Expanded) > Results

Select the information to display.

Factor information
Display information about the factors in your study, including factor names, factor types, number of levels, and values for the levels.
ANOVA table(s)
Display the sources of variation, their degrees of freedom, the total sum of squares, and the mean squares. The ANOVA table also includes the F-statistics and p-values that indicate which factors are significant.
Variance components
Display the amount of variation that is contributed by each component of the measurement system. Use variance components to assess the variation by each source of measurement error relative to the total variation.
Study variation and tolerance
Display the %study variation for each component of variation. Minitab also displays the %tolerance which compares the measurement system variation to the specifications that you enter.
Number of distinct categories
Display a value that represents the number of groups within your process data that your measurement system can discern.
Probabilities of misclassification
Display the conditional and joint probability of misclassification tables.

For more details on any of these output items, go to All statistics and graphs for Expanded Gage R&R Study.