Specify the options for Attribute Gage Study (Analytic Method)

Stat > Quality Tools > Gage Study > Attribute Gage Study (Analytic Method) > Options

Select the method to test the bias of the gage and modify the title of your output.

Test bias = 0 using
Select the method that you would like to use for test for bias.
  • AIAG method: For the AIAG method for testing bias, 6 parts must have greater than 0 acceptances and less than 20—the maximum number of acceptances allowed with the AIAG method. If you use the AIAG method to test the bias of the gage, you must have 20 trials per part.
  • Regression method: For the regression method for testing bias, you may have more than 6 parts between the two extreme reference values. You may have as few as 15 trials per part.
You can enter a custom title for the gage study.