Specify the options for Attribute Agreement Analysis

Stat > Quality Tools > Attribute Agreement Analysis > Options
Calculate Cohen’s kappa if appropriate
Select to calculate Cohen's kappa. Minitab calculates Cohen's kappa when your data satisfy the following requirements:
  • To calculate Cohen's kappa for Within Appraiser, you must have 2 trials for each appraiser.
  • To calculate Cohen's kappa for Between Appraisers, you must have 2 appraisers with 1 trial.
  • To calculate Cohen's kappa for Each Appraiser vs Standard and All Appraisers vs Standard, you must provide a standard for each sample.
Display disagreement table
Display the disagreement table. Minitab displays the number of times that each appraiser's assessments differ from each known reference value. To enable this checkbox, you must specify the column that contains the known reference values on the main dialog box.
Confidence level
Enter a number between 0 and 100 to specify the confidence level for the confidence intervals. This value is used for all the assessment agreement confidence intervals.