Enter your data for Multivariate EWMA Chart

Stat > Control Charts > Multivariate Charts > Multivariate EWMA

For Multivariate EWMA chart, all the measurements for each variable must be in a separate column.

  1. In Variables, enter the columns of measurement data.
  2. In Subgroup sizes, do one of the following:
    • If all subgroups are the same size, enter the subgroup size (for example, 5).
    • Enter a column of values that identifies which subgroup each measurement is from.
  3. In ARL, enter the average run length.
    The ARL is the average number of subgroups that are plotted before an out of control signal occurs. The default ARL is 200. The minimum allowable ARL is 1.
  4. In Weight, enter the weight to be used in the multivariate exponentially weighted moving average.
    The value must be a number between 0 and 1.
In this worksheet, Variable 1 and Variable 2 contains the measurement data. Subgroup identifies which subgroup each measurement is from.
C1-T C2 C2
Subgroup Variable 1 Variable 2
One 10.2 25.2
One 10.5 23.6
One 9.8 26.2
Two 9.9 24.7
Two 10.3 25.1
Two 10.4 24.4