Specify methods to estimate the distribution parameters for Nonnormal Capability Analysis

Stat > Quality Tools > Capability Analysis > Nonnormal > Estimate

You can have Minitab estimate the parameters of the nonnormal distribution used for the capability analysis, or you can choose to enter some or all of the parameters below.

  • Estimate parameters of distribution: Estimate the distribution parameters from the sample data. Minitab estimates any of the following parameters that you do not specify.
    Set shape (Weibull or gamma) or scale (other dists) at
    Enter the shape or scale parameter, depending on the type of distribution you selected. The shape parameter affects the shape of the distribution, such as its skewness. The scale parameter affects the spread of the data.
    Set threshold at
    If you selected a 3-parameter distribution, enter the threshold parameter. The threshold parameter sets the minimum location of the data distribution.

    For more information on the shape, scale, or threshold of a distribution, go to Process data for Nonnormal Capability Analysis and click the parameter that you want to learn more about.

  • Use historical estimates: Specify historical estimates of the parameters. Enter constants or a column using the parameter order shown. The number of constants and rows in the column must equal the number of parameters in the distribution.