Enter your data for Randomization test for 1-sample mean

Calc > Resampling > Randomization Test for 1-Sample Mean

Complete the following steps to specify the data, the number of resamples, and the hypothesized mean for your analysis.

  1. In Sample, enter the column of numeric data that you want to analyze.
  2. In Number of resamples, enter the number of times Minitab should take resamples of your data. The sample size for each resample is equal to the sample size of the original dataset. You can enter any value from 1 to 10,000. Usually, a large number of resamples works best.

    Minitab adjusts the data so that the center of the resamples is the same as the hypothesized mean. First, Minitab calculates the difference between the hypothesized mean and the mean of the original sample. Then Minitab adds or subtracts the difference to each value in the original sample. Resamples are taken from this adjusted data.

  3. Enter a value in Hypothesized mean. The Hypothesized mean defines your null hypothesis (H0: μ = μ0). Think of this value as a target value or a reference value. For example, an engineer enters 3 to determine whether the mean width of electrical wire is different from 3 mm (H0: μ = 3).
In this worksheet, Cost contains the maintenance costs of a random sample of machines.