Overview of Randomization test for 1-sample mean

Use Randomization test for 1-sample mean to compare the mean of a population to a target value or reference value. You can also use Randomization test for 1-sample mean to illustrate important statistical concepts.

For example, a quality analyst uses a randomization test to determine whether the average thread length of bolts differs from the target of 20 mm.
  • The p-value measures the evidence against the null hypothesis so that the analyst can decide whether the average is on-target.
  • The histogram shows the variation and shape of the sampling distribution.
  • Resampling techniques can show the effect of sample size on the sampling distribution.

For more detail on bootstrapping and resampling techniques, go to What is bootstrapping?

Where to find this analysis

Calc > Resampling > Randomization Test for 1-Sample Mean

When to use an alternate analysis

To estimate a confidence interval for the population mean, use Bootstrapping for 1-sample function.