Specify the default settings for the Minitab system

File > Options > System

Specify Minitab's system settings. To apply changes to these settings, close and re-start Minitab. The changes you make to the defaults remain until you change them again, even after you exit Minitab.

Display warnings about separators on startup

Display a message if the decimal separator character or the list separator character specified in your computer's region and language settings is different than the character that Minitab uses. The message shows the character than Minitab uses.

Use default fonts that support current regional settings

If a font specified in a Minitab setting isn't compatible with your computer's region and language settings, then Minitab changes the font in.

For example, if your computer's settings imply the use of Asian characters, but a font in Minitab's settings doesn't support Asian characters, Minitab changes that font to one that does support Asian characters.

Delay DLL loading until required
Launch each Minitab DLL file only when Minitab needs it. This setting prevents Minitab from starting slowly.
Save project backup file (.BAK) when opening project

Save a backup copy of each project file. The backup copy is saved in the same folder as the main project file.

Minitab recommends that you leave this setting selected unless you have access to frequent backups of your projects from another source.