Specify the default settings for opening files

File > Options > Open

Specify the default settings for opening files in Minitab. The changes you make to the defaults remain until you change them again, even after you exit Minitab.
Dialog Box Settings for All Files
These settings do not apply to command language. If you use the session command WOPEN, you must use subcommands to specify the settings.
Data has column names
Select if the first row of data in each column contains the column name.
What values represent missing data in your files?
Minitab uses * for missing numeric and date/time values, and a blank space for missing text values. If your files do not follow these conventions, specify the missing value conventions for your files.
Numeric columns
Enter the numeric value that represents missing values in the files you open in Minitab. For example, if you enter -99, all occurrences of -99 are converted to * in the Minitab worksheet.
Text columns
Enter the text value that represents missing values in the files you open in Minitab.
Do not import blank rows
Select to skip over blank data rows. If this option is not selected, Minitab reads blank data rows as missing values.
Add missing values to make the number of rows the same across all columns
Select to lengthen the imported columns with missing values so that all columns are the same length.
Remove nonprintable characters and extra spaces

In text columns, remove imbedded nonprintable characters and all spaces except single spaces between words.

Correct case mismatches

Correct case mismatches of values by applying the capitalization of the first occurrence of a text value to all matching values in the column.

Text Files
Field delimiter for *.txt and *.dat files
Select the character that is used to separate fields in text files. If you select Custom, enter the custom delimiter.
Text qualifier
Select the character that identifies the beginning and end of text in a field.
Decimal separator
Select the symbol used to denote the position of the decimal between the digits of a number.
  • Use my regional option: Use the decimal separator settings that are specified in your computer's region settings.
  • Period: Use a period as the decimal separator.
  • Comma: Use a comma as the decimal separator.