Specify the default settings for what to display on factorial plots

File > Options > Linear Models > Factorial Plots

Specify the default settings for the terms to display and whether to display the full matrix of interaction plots. The changes you make to the defaults remain until you change them again, even after you exit Minitab.
Terms to display:
  • Only model terms: Display plots only for the terms that are specified in the model. All plots display the fitted values.
  • All terms: Display plots for all terms that include variables that are specified in the model. Plots that for terms that are not in the model display the data values.

    For example, assume that a model specifies Categorical 1 and Categorical 2, but not the two-way interaction. If you select Only model terms, the interaction is not displayed. However, if you select All terms, the analysis includes the interaction plot for Categorical 1*Categorical 2 because both terms are specified in the model as main effects.

Display of interaction plot
  • Display lower left matrix: Display one plot for each pair of variables.
  • Display full matrix: Display both plots for each pair of variables, such as Variable 1 by Variable 2 and Variable 2 by Variable 1. Sometimes you can identify interactions more easily when you examine both plots.