Specify the default settings for which tests for special causes to perform

File > Options > Control Charts and Quality Tools > Tests

Specify the default subset of the eight tests for special causes to perform and define each test's default sensitivity (K). When you change a setting in this dialog box, the default setting changes in the dialog boxes for control charts, Capability Sixpack (Normal and Between/Within), and capability analyses (binomial and Poisson). The changes you make to the defaults remain until you change them again, even after you exit Minitab.

Each test detects a specific pattern in the data that are plotted on the chart. The occurrence of a pattern suggests a special cause of variation. For more information on the tests, go to Using tests for special causes in control charts.

The following charts and analyses support only tests 1 through 4: R chart, S chart, MR chart, control charts for attributes data (P chart, NP chart, C chart, U chart) and capability analyses (binomial and Poisson).

The following charts support only test 1: MA chart and EWMA chart.

The following charts do not support tests: CUSUM chart, Tsquared chart, Generalized variance chart, Multivariate EWMA, Tsquared-generalized variance chart, and Zone chart.