Update results in the output pane

When your data change, you can update the results or create new results for the following analyses:
  • Graphical Summary
  • Pareto Chart
  • The analyses on the Control Charts menu (except Box-Cox Transformation)
  • The analyses on the Capability Analysis menu and the Capability Sixpack menu
  • The graphs on the Graph menu (except Stem-and-Leaf)

Other analyses provide a warning that the results are not for the current data. To get new results for an analysis that does not have an option to update, rerun the analysis.

Choose how to update

When the data change for an analysis that can update, a warning appears that the results do not use the current data. Click one of the links below the tab title to update the results:
Update these results
Replace the out-of-date results with new results for the current data. The updates affect graphs, tables, and worksheet columns.
To make the results automatically update when the data change, click in the top right corner of the output pane and choose Update results automatically.
Create new results
Create a new output tab with results for the current data and new storage columns at the end of the worksheet.