Data > Unstack Columns

Complete the following steps to unstack one or more columns, so that each resulting column contains the observations from one group.

  1. In Unstack the data in, enter the columns that contain the data to unstack.
  2. In Using subscripts in, enter the grouping variables to use to unstack the data.
  3. If the grouping variables have missing values, select Include missing as a subscript value to unstack rows that are associated with missing group values.
  4. From Store unstacked data, select a storage option:
    • In new worksheet: Store the unstacked columns in a new worksheet. You can enter a name for the worksheet.
    • After last column in use: Store unstacked columns at the end of the active worksheet.
  5. To include a name for the columns, select Name the columns containing the unstacked data.

For example, in the following worksheet, C2 contains the data to unstack and C1 contains the grouping variable. By default, the data for rows 1 and 3 are not included in the unstacked data because the group variable contains missing values for those rows.

  C1-T C2 C3 C4
  Group Data Data_A Data_B
1 Missing 1 2 *
2 A 2 5 6
3 Missing 3    
4 B *    
5 A 5    
6 B 6