Overview for Unstack Columns

Use Unstack Columns to copy data from one or more columns into shorter columns, by values in one or more grouping columns. Each resulting column contains the observations from one group.

For example, a sales manager wants to analyze sales data for a single store, but the sales data for all stores are in one column. The manager unstacks the sales data so that each store's sales are in a separate column. In the following worksheet, the Sales column contains the sales data. The Store column contains the location for each store. Columns C3–C5 contain the unstacked sales data, by location.

C1-T C2 C3 C4 C5
Store Sales Sales_Seattle Sales_Boston Sales_New York
Seattle 63 63 36 52
Seattle 71 71 32 46
Seattle 68 68 35 51
Seattle 66 66 29 50
Boston 36      
Boston 32      
Boston 35      
Boston 29      
New York 52      
New York 46      
New York 51      
New York 50      

Where to find this command

To unstack columns, choose Data > Unstack Columns.