Overview for Transpose Columns

Use Transpose Columns to switch columns to rows in your worksheet. For example, an exercise scientist records exercise totals for each test subject. The scientist uses Transpose Columns to rearrange the data so that the totals for each exercise are in a separate column. In the following worksheet, the original data are in columns C1–C4. Columns C5–C8 contain the transposed data.

C1-T C2 C3 C4 C5-T C6 C7 C8
Exercise Lyn Chris Soo Labels Push ups Crunches Pull ups
Push ups 50 69 57 Lyn 50 73 12
Crunches 73 88 76 Chris 69 88 17
Pull ups 12 17 6 Soo 57 76 6

Where to find this command

To transpose columns, choose Data > Transpose Columns.