Example of subsetting a worksheet based on rows that match a condition

A medical researcher wants to study the effects of various factors on pulse rates. The researcher records the height, weight, gender, smoking preference, and activity level for a group of college students, and then measures their resting pulse rates and pulse rates after running.

The researcher subsets the worksheet to include only the data for Activity levels of A lot and Moderate.

  1. Open the sample data, PulseRates.MTW.
  2. Choose Data > Subset Worksheet.
  3. From How do you want to create a subset?, select Use rows that match a condition.
  4. From Do you want to include or exclude rows?, select Include rows that match the condition.
  5. In Column, enter Activity.
  6. From Condition, select Equals set of values.
  7. From Values, select A lot and Moderate.
  8. Click OK.


Minitab creates a new worksheet that contains only data for Activity levels of A lot and Moderate.