Overview for Stack Worksheets

Use Stack Worksheets to combine two or more open worksheets that have columns with identical names. Data from the columns with the same names are stacked.

For example, a quality engineer records operator and part information for two plants in separate worksheets. The engineer combines the information by stacking the worksheets. The extra column from Plant2.MTW is included.


C1-T C2
Operator Parts
Jorge 22
Melanie 24
Lucia 17
Chris 15


C1-T C2 C3
Operator Parts Machine
Belinda 24 1
Don 27 2
Phyllis 28 1

Stacked worksheet

C1-T C2 C3 C3
Operator Parts Machine Source
Jorge 22 * Plant1.MTW
Melanie 24 * Plant1.MTW
Lucia 17 * Plant1.MTW
Chris 15 * Plant1.MTW
Belinda 24 1 Plant2.MTW
Don 27 2 Plant2.MTW
Phyllis 28 1 Plant2.MTW

Stored constants, matrices, design objects, formulas, and worksheet descriptions are not transferred into the stacked worksheet.

Where to find this command

To stack worksheets, choose Data > Stack Worksheets.

When to use an alternate command

If you want to combine two open worksheets into one new worksheet by placing columns side-by-side, use Merge Worksheets.