Example of stacking worksheets into a new worksheet

An analyst wants to combine information from two locations into one worksheet.

  1. Create and save the following worksheets:


    C1-T C2
    Operator Parts
    Jorge 22
    Melanie 24
    Lucia 17
    Chris 15


    C1-T C2
    Operator Parts
    Belinda 24
    Don 27
    Phyllis 28
  2. Choose Data > Stack Worksheets.
  3. From Stack option, select Stack worksheets in a new worksheet.
  4. Use the arrow key to move Plant_1.MTW and Plant_2.MTW from Available worksheets to Worksheets to stack.
  5. In New worksheet name, enter Company_wide.
  6. Click OK.


In the stacked worksheet, the columns that have the same names are stacked and the source worksheet for each row is identified in the Source column.


C1-T C2 C3-T
Operator Parts Source
Jorge 22 Plant_1.MTW
Melanie 24 Plant_1.MTW
Lucia 17 Plant_1.MTW
Chris 15 Plant_1.MTW
Belinda 24 Plant_2.MTW
Don 27 Plant_2.MTW
Phyllis 28 Plant_2.MTW