Stack blocks of columns

Data > Stack > Blocks of Columns

Complete the following steps to stack data from several sets of columns.

  1. In Stack two or more blocks of columns on top of each other, enter each block of columns to be stacked in a separate box. The first block is stacked on top of the second, the second on top of the third, and so on.
  2. From Store stacked data in, select one of the following storage options:
    • New worksheet: Store the columns of stacked values in a new worksheet in the order that you enter them. You can enter a name for the worksheet. Minitab stores a subscript column that identifies the first worksheet in the block of columns for every row of data.

    • Columns of current worksheet: Store the columns of stacked values in the active worksheet in the order that you enter them. Enter a column number (for example, C6) or a name for each column.

      To store a column of subscripts, in Store subscripts in, enter a column number (for example, C5) or a column name. If the column name has more than one word, enclose the name in single quotation marks.

  3. If you entered a column in Store subscripts in, select Use variable names in subscript column to use the variable names for the subscript values. If you don't select this option, the subscript column contains 1s in rows that correspond to the first stacked column, 2s in rows that correspond to the second stacked column, and so on. You can use this subscript column for factor levels in analysis of variance procedures or as a by variable for other analyses. You can also use the subscripts to unstack a column.
For example, in following worksheet, the data in the following blocks of columns are stacked:
  • Seattle and Quarter
  • Boston and Quarter
  • New York and Quarter
The Sales and Qtr columns contain the stacked values. The source column for each sales value is stored in the Subscripts column.
C1 C2 C3 C4 C5-T C6 C7
Quarter Seattle Boston New York Subscripts Sales Qtr
1 63 36 52 Seattle 63 1
2 71 32 46 Seattle 71 2
3 68 35 51 Seattle 68 3
4 66 29 50 Seattle 66 4
        Boston 36 1
        Boston 32 2
        Boston 35 3
        Boston 29 4
        New York 52 1
        New York 46 2
        New York 51 3
        New York 50 4