Split a worksheet

Data > Split Worksheet

Complete the following steps to split a worksheet.

  1. In By variables, enter one or more columns to split the worksheet by. If you specify multiple variables, then the variables must have the same number of rows. Minitab creates as many new worksheets as there are distinct combinations of values in the variables.
    For example, if one variable contains the values Yes and No and another variable contains the values Male and Female, Minitab creates a worksheet for each combination of values: Yes and Male, Yes and Female, No and Male, No and Female.
  2. Select Include missing as a BY level to include missing values as an additional distinct value.
    For example, if the By variable includes the values of 1, 2, and the missing value symbol * and you select Include missing as a BY level, Minitab creates three worksheets: one for the value 1, one for the value 2, and one for missing values.