Overview for Sort

Use Sort to order the values in one or more columns of data. You can sort according to the values in more than one column, and in increasing or decreasing order. For example, in the following worksheet, the Length and Machine columns are sorted by the values in Machine. The results are in Sorted Length and Sorted Machine.

C1 C2-T C3 C4-T
Length Machine Sorted Length Sorted Machine
15.2 D 13.4 A
13.4 A 17.9 A
12.6 B 12.6 B
17.9 A 14.5 C
14.5 C 15.2 D
11.2 D 11.2 D

To quickly sort the entire worksheet, click in the column to sort by, then right-click and choose Sort Columns > Entire Worksheet.

Where to find this command

To sort columns in a worksheet, do one of the following:
  • Choose Data > Sort.
  • Click in the worksheet, click in the column to sort by, right-click, then choose Sort Columns > Custom Sort.