Example of Merge Worksheets

A department store tracks monthly sales data in a separate worksheet for each store. The sales manager uses Merge Worksheets to merge the data for two stores.

  1. Create and save the following worksheets.


    C1-D C2
    Month Sales
    January 223
    February 241
    April 177
    May 158


    C1-D C2
    Month Sales
    January 246
    February 273
    March 281

    Store_1.MTW does not contain data for March. Store_2.MTW does not contain data for April and May.

  2. Click the worksheet Store_1.MTW, then choose Data > Merge Worksheets > Match Values.
  3. From With, select Store_2.MTW.
  4. Click By Columns.
  5. From Available columns, select C1 Month in both boxes. Click the right arrow to move C1 Month to the By columns boxes.
  6. Click OK in each dialog box.


The merged worksheet contains the columns from both worksheets. The values in the Month column from each worksheet are matched and missing values are added when there are not corresponding values.

C1-D C2 C1-D C2
Month:Store_1.MTW Sales:Store_1.MTW Month:Store_2.MTW Sales:Store_2.MTW
January 223 January 246
February 241 February 273
* * March 281
April 177 * *
May 158 * *