Overview for Time Series Plot

Use Time Series Plot to look for patterns in your data over time, such as trends or seasonal patterns. A time series plot can help you choose a time series analysis to model your data. For more information, go to Which time series analysis should I use?.

The following time series plot shows the stock prices for two companies over time. The stock price for Company B appears to be growing in value faster than the stock price for Company A.

Where to find this graph

To create a time series plot, choose one of the following
  • Graph > Time Series Plot
  • Stat > Time Series > Time Series Plot

When to use an alternate graph

Time Series Plot and other time series analyses assume that data are collected at regular intervals, such as once a day, or once a month. If you collect data at irregular intervals, consider using a scatterplot instead to plot the measurement data on the y-axis and the time intervals on the x-axis.