Displaying graphs together in a graph layout

About graph layouts

Use a graph layout to organize multiple graphs from the same project. For example, use to compare or contrast different graphs or emphasize a group of graphs for a report or presentation.
2 rows x 1 column
2 rows x 2 columns

Create a graph layout

  1. Create the graphs that you want.
  2. Right-click a graph and choose Layout Tool.
    The active graph is copied to the first cell in the layout.
  3. In Rows, enter the number of rows for the layout.
  4. In Columns, enter the number of columns for the layout.
  5. To copy graphs to the layout, click the cell where you want to copy the graph and do one of the following:
    • In the list box, double-click a graph name.
    • In the list box, click a graph name and then click the right arrow button .
    • Double-click the image of the selected item below the list box.
  6. Click Finish.

The graph region color of the first graph you add determines the graph region color for the entire layout.

Edit a graph layout

After you create a layout, you can add graphs to or remove graphs from the layout.

Right click the graph layout and choose Layout Tool.
  • To copy graphs to or remove graphs from the layout, use the arrow buttons.
  • To move a graph within a layout, drag the graph to the new location.

If the worksheet data changes after you create a layout, you cannot update the graphs in the layout to display the changes. You must re-create the layout with updated copies of the graphs.