What is a tooltip?

A tooltip is a box with text that appears when you pause the mouse pointer on an element, such as on a line or symbol on a graph. Many data representations have tooltips that display descriptive information. For example, if you pause the pointer on a symbol on a scatterplot, a tooltip appears that lists the row number and x- and y-values for the point.

Copy tooltip text

From a graph in editing mode, you can copy the text of a tooltip. For example, you can copy the list of percentiles displayed on the fitted distribution line on a probability plot. Once you copy the tooltip, you can paste the tooltip text in Minitab or in another application.

Use the following steps to copy tooltip text:
  1. Double-click the graph.
  2. Select the element that has the tooltip you want to copy.
  3. Right-click the element and choose Copy Text.

This option is only available for elements with a unique tooltip. For example, when you select an individual symbol on a scatterplot, Copy Text is enabled, but it is not enabled when you select all the symbols.