You can edit the attributes of graph elements, add annotations, and edit graph layouts. Graph editing affects only the current graph. To change graphics defaults, choose File > Options.

To edit a graph, open the Edit Graph dialog box by doing one of the following:
  • Double-click the graph.
  • Click the arrow icon next to the graph to open the drop-down menu and select Edit Graph.
  • Right-click the graph, then choose Edit Graph.
Once you open the Edit Graph dialog box, there are many ways to select graph items to modify. For instance, you can:
  • Double-click the graph item.
  • Select the graph item, right-click, and choose Edit item.
  • Choose the graph item from the drop-down menu on the Graph editing toolbar and click the Edit button .

After you finish editing, you can leave the graph in the current project or save it to a separate file. To save a graph as its own file, right-click the graph, then choose Save Graph As.

For information about how to edit specific elements, use the other sections in General Graph Options.