About subsets

A subset is a portion of the data in the worksheet. Some Minitab functions, including many graphs and charts, let you define a subset of data so you can work with it in isolation without changing the data in the worksheet itself. For example, your worksheet may contain data for the entire year, but you want to create a time series plot of only the previous six months. Using the subset option lets you graph only those data points that came after your specified date. If data contain outliers, you can omit these potentially distracting points from your graph without deleting them.
Scatterplot with outlier
Scatterplot with outlier excluded

Minitab automatically rescales the graph based on the subset of data points you specified.

Graph a subset of the data when creating a graph

When you create a graph, you can specify a subset of data to graph.

  1. In the graph creation dialog box, click Data Options.
  2. On the Subset tab, specify whether to include or exclude rows from the graph.
  3. Specify which rows to include or exclude:
    Rows that match a condition
    Include or exclude rows that match the condition that you specify. Click Condition and enter the formula. For example, if C1 contains dates and you want to exclude rows that contain dates between 1/3/2016 and 1/7/2016, enter C1>Date("1/3/2016") and C1<Date("1/7/2016"). For more information, go to Create a formula with the Calculator.
    Brushed rows
    Include or exclude rows that are currently brushed (usually outliers).
    Row numbers
    Enter the row numbers to include or exclude. Use a colon (:) to denote an inclusive range. For example, enter 1 4 6:10 to signify the rows 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Use a slash (/) to denote increments. For example, enter 1:30/2 to signify all the odd number rows from 1 to 29.
  4. (For time series plots and control charts only) To leave a space in the graph for the points that you exclude, select Leave gaps for excluded points. For control charts, Minitab treats the excluded points as missing values in the calculations for control limits. If you don't select this option, then Minitab omits the rows that contain excluded points from the calculations for control limits.

Example of graphing a subset of data on a time series plot

You have the following data in a worksheet and you would like to create a time series plot that includes only the data from 1/2/2014 to 1/7/2014 on the time series plot.

C1 C2
Date Data
1/1/2014 5
1/2/2014 6
1/3/2014 9
1/4/2014 8
1/5/2014 7
1/6/2014 8
1/7/2014 9
1/8/2014 10
1/9/2014 11

  1. Choose Graph > Time Series Plot > Simple.
  2. In Series, enter C2.
  3. Click Data Options.
  4. Under Include or Exclude, choose Specify which rows to include.
  5. Under Specify Which Rows to Include, choose Rows that match and click Condition.
  6. In Condition, enter C1>=Date("1/2/2014") and C1<=Date("1/7/2014").
  7. Click OK in each dialog box.