Create a simple bubble plot

Graph > Bubble Plot > Simple

Complete the following steps to specify the data for your graph.

  1. In Y variable, enter the column that you want to explain or predict.
  2. In X variable, enter a corresponding column that might explain changes in the Y variable.
  3. In Bubble size variable, enter a column that determines the size (area) of the bubbles.
  4. In Panel variables (optional):, enter up to two columns that define panels. Minitab displays each unique combination of values on a separate panel.

In this worksheet, Total Volume is the Y variable, Combined MPG is the X variable, and Retail ($1000) is the bubble size variable. The graph shows the relationship between total volume, combined MPG, and retail cost.

C1 C2 C3
Total Volume Combined MPG Retail ($1000)
187.0 19.25 31.3
132.3 25.50 31.0
`32.3 39.55 35.6
... ...