Create a bubble plot with groups

Graph > Bubble Plot > With Groups

Complete the following steps to specify the data for your graph.

  1. In Y variable, enter the column that you want to explain or predict.
  2. In X variable, enter a corresponding column that might explain changes in the Y variable.
  3. In Bubble size variable, enter the column that determines the size (area) of the bubbles.
  4. In Categorical variables for grouping (optional), enter up to three columns that define the groups.
  5. In Panel variables (optional):, enter up to two columns that define panels. Minitab displays each unique combination of values on a separate panel.

In this worksheet, Total Volume is the Y variable, Combined MPG is the X variable, Retail ($1000) is the bubble size variable, and Safety (0-5) is the categorical variable for grouping. The graph shows the relationship between total volume, combined MPG, and retail cost, grouped by safety rating.

C1 C2 C3 C4
Total Volume Combined MPG Retail ($1000) Safety (0-5)
187.0 19.25 31.3 4
132.3 25.50 31.0 4
`32.3 39.55 35.6 5
... ... ... ...