Publish a model to Minitab Model Ops®

Minitab Model Ops makes a variety of sophisticated models from Minitab Statistical Software or Salford Predictive Modeler® available for predictions. By making those models accessible through external endpoints, Minitab Model Ops streamlines the incorporation of model results into external applications to forecast your business with ease. With Minitab Model Ops, you deploy your models online so that you can get your results faster than ever. Additional tools that monitor your models help to make informed decisions about when to retrain or replace a model.

In Minitab Statistical Software, anytime that you create output for a publishable model, the results include the option to publish the model to Minitab Model Ops. Use the following steps to publish a model:
  1. Fit a publishable model.
  2. Select in the top right corner of the output pane and choose Publish Model to Minitab Model Ops.
Publishable models include the following:
  • Models from the Predictive Analytics module
  • Models on the Predictive Analytics menu
  • Models from Fit Model commands on the Regression menu

Minitab Model Ops is a separate subscription from Minitab Statistical Software. When you select Publish Model to Minitab Model Ops, you sign in to Minitab Model Ops to name and publish the model. Then, go to Minitab Model Ops to work with the model. For example, go to Minitab Model Ops to deploy the model and determine the endpoint to access to make predictions.