Using Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive with the Minitab web app

In the Minitab web app, you can access your worksheets and projects from Microsoft OneDrive® or Google Drive™.

The Minitab web app uses delegated permissions, which means that the app takes actions on behalf of the signed-in user. Minitab uses these permissions to get metadata about who has files checked out and basic user information (e.g., name and email address) to notify the user who has a Minitab project checked out in their drive. This data is not retained and is only used to display information in the application. Permissions are used to auto-save and download files on behalf of the user during the session. Minitab only accesses files that the user chooses to open or save. No customer data is retained or distributed.

Refer to Microsoft’s and Google’s documentation for more information on accessing and storing files in Microsoft OneDrive® or Google Drive™.