Import data from Minitab Connect into the Minitab web app

If you have a license for both Minitab® Statistical Software and Minitab Connect®, you can use data from Minitab Connect to create output in the Minitab web app. Optionally, you can then publish the output to Minitab Connect. You cannot use this feature with the Minitab desktop app.

Minitab Connect automatically times out after 15 minutes and logs out of the license portal. If you have both Connect and the Minitab web app open simultaneously, the Connect time out will also end your Minitab web app session. This can cause you to lose any unsaved changes. To avoid this, only work in one product at a time.

Complete the following tasks to publish the Minitab web app output in Minitab Connect.

Create a custom data view in Minitab Connect

You must create a data view for a table in Minitab Connect before you can import the data into the web app. Each data table can have multiple views that you can save and name.

  1. In Minitab Connect, choose a table and then open the Prep Tool .
  2. On the Fields tab, select Remove All Fields to start with an empty field list. Depending on the number of columns, it may be easier to add or remove fields.
  3. Under Add a Field, select a field to add to the view. Repeat this step for each field you want to add.
  4. Once you have added all your fields, select Run to display the fields in the view.
  5. Select Save .
  6. Under View, select New View. Under Name, enter a name to identify the new view.
  7. Select Save.

Import the data view into the web app

You can import a saved data view into a Minitab web app worksheet.

  1. Go to File > Open > Minitab Connect® Data.
  2. Select the Folder and Table that contain the saved data view. Then in Select a data view, select the data view that contains the data you want to import.

    You will not be able to access any data in Connect if your user role is Dashboard/Form.

  3. Select Open View.

Edit and refresh imported data

The imported data are read-only. You must use Minitab Connect to edit the data.
  • To open the data in Connect from the web app, right-click the worksheet tab and select Open Data Source.
  • To update the data in the web app after you edit the data in Connect, right-click the worksheet tab in the web app and select Refresh Worksheet.

Publish web app output to Minitab Connect

You can publish output from the web app to Minitab Connect by creating a report that contains the output that you want to publish. You can publish the report that you send to one or more new and existing Connect dashboards.

  1. Perform analyses in the web app to create your output.
  2. In the Output pane, select the dropdown arrow beside the output and select Send to Report. You can add output from several analyses to the same report.
  3. Select the report in the Navigator. In the output pane, select Send to Minitab Connect®.
  4. Name the report and select Send.
  5. After you publish the report, you can open Minitab Connect and add the report to a new dashboard or an existing dashboard.
    1. To create a new dashboard, select the Minitab Connect button to open the Navigation pane. Under Dashboards, select Add New Dashboard. Or, from the Home screen, select the Add button under Dashboards.
  6. When you have a dashboard open, from the Element tab, select Add Minitab Analysis and select the report.
  7. Select Add, and then select the save button to save the dashboards.
For more information on dashboards, go to Common tasks with Dashboards.

Automatically update output on the Connect dashboard

You can set up a flow to automatically rerun Minitab analyses and update output on the dashboard whenever you change the data in Connect.

  1. In Minitab Connect, choose a table and then open the Flow Tool .
  2. Create a new flow, and select the Manual box.
  3. From Type, select Data Event.
  4. Select the data events that you want to include. For example, select On Updated Record if you want the flow to run whenever you edit a record in the table. You can add multiple types. When you're finished, select OK.
  5. Select the New Flow Item box.
  6. Enter a name. Then from Type, select Execute Minitab Analyses.
  7. From Analyses, select the name of the published report you want to update. Then select OK.

    If you want to update multiple reports, you must add a new flow item for each report.

  8. Select the Save button to save the flow.
Now, the dashboards that contain the Minitab output will update each time you edit a data record.