Troubleshooting DDE

The following sections address some of the problems that may occur when using DDE.

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft does not support DDE on a network anymore. However, you can create DDE links on a local computer.

DDE is slow

Minitab is a robust DDE server, suitable for use across a wide range of applications. However, several factors outside Minitab might limit DDE performance, including the following:
  • The general performance of DDE in Windows
  • The memory limitations and general performance of your computer
  • The number and size of other applications that are running
  • The performance of DDE in other applications
Minitab queues transfers that it cannot process immediately. Minitab then processes queued transfers in priority order. If you need to improve DDE performance, try the following:
  • Prioritize your most important DDE updates. To change priorities for links, choose Edit > Worksheet Links > Manage Links, select the link to change, then click Change. In Priority, enter a new priority.
  • Use a more powerful computer to run the applications.

Data are not updated

The following conditions cause Minitab to stop updates and to queue incoming data from DDE links:
  • Input, such as partially typed commands or data values, is unresolved.
  • Other commands or macros are executing.
  • The name of the worksheet has changed, so the link is not valid.

Minitab transfers any queued data after these conditions end.