Overview of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)


Starting with Windows Vista™, Microsoft® does not support DDE on a network anymore. However, you can create DDE links on a local computer.

Use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to automatically transfer data between Minitab and other applications that support DDE. Whenever data changes in one application, it can be updated automatically in the other application. Minitab can send data, receive data, or send and receive data at the same time. Minitab can also send data to itself.

For example, with DDE, you can do the following:
  • Create a "hot link" from columns in an Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet to columns in a Minitab worksheet, so that when values change in Excel™, they are automatically updated in Minitab. You can also create a hot link from columns in Minitab to Excel, so that when data change in Minitab, they are automatically updated in Excel.
  • Extract data from Microsoft® Excel in a one-time data transfer, conduct statistical analyses in Minitab, and then return the data to a different spreadsheet in Excel™.
  • Send commands from Minitab to other Windows™ applications. For example, after the Excel™ spreadsheet updates with data from Minitab, have Excel™ save the spreadsheet.
The DDE dialog boxes do not generate session commands as other Minitab dialog boxes do. If you want to perform DDE actions with session commands, you can use the DDE session commands described in Session Command Help.

To change the settings and defaults for DDE links, choose File > Options > DDE Links.