Overview for Standardize

Use Standardize to standardize columns of data that have differences in center or scale so that you can more easily compare the columns of data or analyze the columns of data together. The standardized data are stored in new columns in the worksheet.

For example, a researcher wants model pulse rates using heights and weights, which are not measured on the same scale. The researcher standardizes the predictors Height and Weight by subtracting the mean, so that they use the same scale.

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
Height Weight Pulse Standardize Height Standardize Weight
66.00 140 64 −2.72527 −5.0989
72.00 145 58 3.27473 −0.0989
73.50 160 62 4.77473 14.9011
... ... ... ... ...

Where to find this command

To standardize data, choose Calc > Standardize.