Overview for Matrices

Use the Matrices commands to create and manipulate stored matrices in Minitab. Matrices are rectangular blocks of numbers upon which mathematical operations can be performed. Matrices are often described by their dimensions. For example, the following matrix is a 3 x 4 (row x column) matrix:
14 22 23 44
15 36 27 38
19 16 31 42

In Minitab, you can save matrices with a worksheet and use stored matrices in some analyses. Each stored matrix has a unique ID that starts with an M, for example, M1. You can also assign a name to a matrix. To name or rename a matrix, use the NAME session command. For example, to name matrix M1 "My Matrix", enter the following at the command prompt: NAME M1 "My Matrix".

Stored matrices are not displayed in the worksheet. To view stored matrices, choose Data > Display Data.

Minitab can also store output in matrices for some statistical analyses, for example, the design matrix for regression, GLM, and DOE procedures.

Where to find these commands

To work with matrices, choose one of the following:
  • Calc > Matrices > Import
  • Calc > Matrices > Transpose
  • Calc > Matrices > Invert
  • Calc > Matrices > Define Constant
  • Calc > Matrices > Diagonal
  • Calc > Matrices > Eigen Analysis
  • Calc > Matrices > Arithmetic
  • Data > Copy > Matrices to Matrices
  • Data > Copy > Matrix to Columns
  • Data > Copy > Columns to Matrix