Overview for Column Statistics and Row Statistics

Calculate a descriptive statistic for a column or for each row in a set of columns in a Minitab worksheet.

Column Statistics

Use Column Statistics to calculate a descriptive statistic for a column. In addition to displaying the variable, you can choose to store the statistic in a constant, such as K1.

For example, a statistician calculates the mean of the Weight column and stores the mean in a constant to use in a different calculation.

Mean of Weight

Mean of Weight = 145.099

Row Statistics

Use Row Statistics to calculate and store the specified descriptive statistic, such as the mean, for each row of data in the specified columns.

For example, a quality engineer records the number of rejected parts that are manufactured by each of three machines during each of three shifts. The quality engineer calculates the sum of rejected parts from each machine across shifts, and stores them in the Sum column.

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
Machine ID 1st shift 2nd shift 3rd shift Sum
1 48 47 48 143
2 76 47 32 155
3 36 40 34 110

Where to find these commands

To calculate column statistics, choose Calc > Column Statistics.

To calculate row statistics, choose Calc > Row Statistics.

When to use an alternate command

To calculate multiple descriptive statistics for one or more columns, use Display Descriptive Statistics.