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Changes radians to degrees. Radians and degrees are units of measure used to identify the size of an angle. The angle measure in radians equals the length of an arc when the angle vertex is at the center of a unit circle.

For example, this unit circle has a radius of 1 and a circumference of 2π. Thus, the measure of angle θ in radians equals one-fourth the total circumference, or π/2 (about 1.57).

The measure of angle θ can also be represented in degrees. By definition, a circle has 360 degrees, so θ equals 90 degrees (90°). The following table shows angle measures represented in degrees and radians.

Angle Degrees Radians
45 π/4
60 π/3
90 π/2
180 π

Use the Radians function to change degrees to radians.


DEGREES(angle in radians)

For angle_in_radians, specify the radians or the column of radians.


Column Calculator expression Result
C1 contains 1.570796326795 DEGREES(C1) 90