Exponential function

To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

Calculates the value ex, where e is the base of the natural log equal to approximately 2.71828 and x is the value that you enter. For example, the exponential of 5 is e5, which equals about 148.413. Usually, the function y = ex is called the natural exponential function.


Some calculators define the Exponential function as the Antilog function in base e. In Minitab, the Antilog function is the inverse function for log base 10.



In number, specify the value or column of values.


Calculator expression Result
EXP(2) 7.38905609893


The Exponential function is often used to model amounts that increase or decrease by a constant exponential factor, such as compound interest, radioactive decay, or population growth.

y = ex

As x increases, y increases exponentially.