Workdays function

To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

Offsets the date by the specified number of workdays. This function is useful for quickly revising columns of date/time data in the worksheet.


WDAY(start date,num workdays,[holidays])

Enter the start date and number of workdays to add to the date. For start date you can enter a column of dates or a single date in double quotation marks. Minitab returns the date that is the number of working days (defined as Monday through Friday) from the start date you specify. You can also specify a column of holidays (or date in double quotation marks) to skip for the optional third argument (holiday). Minitab will not count a holiday when it offsets the date by the number of workdays you have specified.


When you enter single dates, you also need to use the DATE function. For example, WDAY(DATE("1/1/14"),4) equals 1/7/2014.


A scheduler for a production line needs to postpone data collection by 18 working days. The scheduler enters the expression WDAY(C1,18) and stores the result in C2.

C1-D C2-D
Original schedule Revised schedule
6/12/2014 7/8/2014
6/14/2014 7/9/2014
6/16/2014 7/10/2014
6/20/2014 7/16/2014
6/22/2014 7/16/2014
6/26/2014 7/22/2014
6/28/2014 7/23/2014
6/30/2014 7/24/2014