To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

Rounds a number up based on the number of decimal places you specify. For example, the number 2.3572 becomes:
  • 2 when rounded to the nearest whole number
  • 2.4 when rounded to one decimal place (or the nearest tenth)
  • 2.36 when rounded to two decimal places (or the nearest hundredth)
  • 2.357 when rounded to three decimal places (or the nearest thousandth)

Use the Floor function to round down. Use the Ceiling function to round up.



For number, specify the number or column of numbers you want to round. For decimals, specify the number of places to round to.
  • If decimals = 0, the number is rounded to the nearest integer.
  • If decimals > 0, the number is rounded to the specified number of decimal places after the decimal point.
  • If decimals < 0, the number is rounded to 1 minus the specified number of place values to the left of the decimal point.


Calculator expression Result
ROUND (2.136, 0) 2
ROUND (2.136, 1) 2.1
ROUND (2.136, 2) 2.14
ROUND (−2.136, 1) −2.1
ROUND (253.6, −1) 250
ROUND (253.6, −2) 300

If you round a column and store the results within that same column, you cannot get back the full decimal expression.