Partial sums function

To use this function, choose Calc > Calculator.

Calculates the running total for the numbers in a column by storing the sum of the first i rows of the input column in the ith row of another column.


PARS (number)

For number, specify the input column.


A sales manager records monthly sales and wants to know when the total annual sales are greater than or equal to the goal of $1.5 million. The manager enters the expression PARS(C2) and stores the results in C3.

C1-D C2 C3
Month Sales Total
January $139,300 $139,300
February $158,200 $297,500
March $168,800 $466,300
April $193,000 $659,300
May $201,900 $861,200
June $179,000 $1,040,200
July $197,000 $1,237,200
August $188,000 $1,425,200
September $209,500 $1,634,700
October $213,700 $1,848,400
November $185,700 $2,034,100
December $200,300 $2,234,400

Based on the partial sums in C3, the sales manager sees that total annual sales was greater than $1.5 million in September.


To have Minitab display the currency symbol and the commas in C3 after using the Calculator, click a cell in the column to activate it. Right-click and choose Format Column, then choose Currency and click OK.