Help and How-To Overview

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The following are the main sections of Help:
Minitab Environment
Includes information about the Minitab user interface, customizing the interface, using shortcut keys, and modifying Minitab defaults and settings.
Data Input and Output
Includes information about Minitab file types and importing and exporting data.
Manipulate Data in Worksheets, Columns, and Rows
Includes information about tools to manipulate and format your data to facilitate data exploration and to make data analysis easier.
Calculations, Data Generation, and Matrices
Includes information about tools on the Calc menu.
Probability Distributions, Random Data, and Resampling Analyses
Includes information about probability distributions, random data, bootstrapping, and randomization tests.
Includes information about basic statistics, tables, nonparametrics, equivalence tests, and power and sample size.
Includes information about all of Minitab's graphs and graph editing capabilities.
Quality and Process Improvement
Includes information about Minitab's statistical tools for quality, including measurement system analysis, control charts, capability analysis, acceptance sampling, and various other quality tools.
Statistical Modeling
Includes information about Minitab's statistical modeling tools, including ANOVA, regression, DOE, reliability, time series, and multivariate analyses.
Includes information about Minitab's add-on modules that use common Key Process Indicators (KPIs) specific to an industry or function to help you choose and complete the correct analyses.